All of our solutions are powered by MAINFRAME, a next-generation processor enabling dynamic and emotive technologies.

Think of the feeling of your fingertips pushing down on the keys of a grand piano, or a paintbrush stroke of vibrant color being swept across a canvas - Now compare those to their digital counterparts. Something is missing.

As a foundation of society, we have built digital infrastructure as simple 1’s and 0’s with uncanny and lifeless expression. However, what we experience as humans, an expression of nature, is dynamic, complex, and free-flowing like a wave. The inability of digital systems to empathize with and adapt to the emotional trends of society is a growing concern and the motivation behind developing MAINFRAME.

Inherently uncalculated and fluid, MAINFRAME is an exploration into the fundamental difference between digital and analog systems and how the two can be bridged into technology.

At the core of every MAINFRAME system is a processor conceptualized by Synthetic State. Unlike the rigid 1’s and 0’s of a classical digital system, MAINFRAME instead flows freely like a wave. With a fundamentally fluid structure, the processor can mimic organic processes more closely, treading the fine line between order and chaos. The MAINFRAME processor can connect to any input, any output and within any form factor depending on the application. No living entity exists in isolation - similarly MAINFRAME processors are networked at a core level, autonomously forming infinitely large and scalable networks. Together, this network unifies inputs and outputs as if it were a living and breathing synthetic culture.

MAINFRAME excels in applications where a life-like, adaptive, and dynamic feel is desired. This “automated form of expression” does not require the use of extensive manual control, complex hardware, or overly technical software. MAINFRAME can be  customized through parameter control, allowing users to confine the system within a bounded “box”. For example, in the context of lighting, users can set the system to play within hue or brightness levels. With infinite scalability and the ability to adapt to a variety of spaces through any number of sensors, MAINFRAME can find a place within applications such as: Architecture, City Planning, Interior Design, Music, Experience and Installation Design, Automotive, Agriculture and Fashion.

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