We aim to develop living systems which can better interpret and adapt to humans, ecosystems and our shared environments.

Synthetic State aims to create living technology designed to augment our cold and lifeless digital technology. The digital infrastructure society is built upon uses rigid and simplistic 1's and 0's, but humans and natural ecosystems are far more organic, free-flowing and wave-like.

This creates a concerning disconnect, one which will only grow as we continue to use digital technology to communicate with each other, consume information and to understand the natural world.

We believe many issues we face today are caused by the disconnect between the organic and inorganic technologies. Virtual tribalism, viral panic, algorithmic inequality and inaccurate ecosystem modeling are part of the growing list of concerns.
We believe future technologies should become empathetic and feeling systems, which can better adapt to the collective well-being of society and the environment.

To address this need, since 2015 we have conceptualized a completely novel branch of computing, one which interprets, feels and flows like a wave. Once integrated within digital systems, they will add life to this otherwise lifeless technology. All of our projects have been a sequential exploration into how this new technology will be designed, presented and adopted.

We believe that all technologies must exist to serve a purpose and fulfill a need and must also be made economical, scalable, marketable and compatible with existing systems. Hence why the majority of our projects were designed as products and solutions for consumers and business.

Synthetic State is a team of dedicated and passionate professionals with experience in a variety of fields such a product development, hardware/software, Internet of Things (IoT), systems engineering, robotics, virtual reality, web design, biomedical research and laboratory automation.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Please contact us at info(at)syntheticstate.com

Skills and Capabilities:

Concept and Design

Development of vision based on needs of the client and/or other market forces. From this concept a specific design can be iterated towards which balances user experience, cost efficiency and time.


Design on Printed Circuit Boards. If needed, our 3D modular lego-like system is used to create eye-catching but also functional sculptures.


Software engineering on a variety of different platforms and/or languages. Projects primarily use embedded microprocessors.

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